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We're here to support you throughout every phase of your study abroad journey. From helping you discover the perfect program to aiding in your preparation and ensuring a safe arrival, our commitment extends far beyond the initial stages. Our on-site Center staff works diligently to assist you in settling into your accommodation, immersing yourself in the local culture, maximizing your learning experiences both in and out of the classroom, and much more.

Upon your return home, our alumni programming, coupled with a vast network of over 150,000 Study Work Abroad participants, ensures that your experience continues long after your time studying or interning with us. Numerous opportunities are available for you to maintain connections with study abroad friends and forge new connections for years to come.

Embark on your adventure with our step-by-step and free study abroad and internship application process. Discover more about the application procedure once you've selected your program. Keep an eye on application deadlines to ensure you don't miss your window of opportunity, and please note that deadlines on your campus may vary from ours!

How to Apply to Study Abroad or Intern with Us

Pick Your

Program Start exploring programs by location, term, discipline, language, and more. From there, you can compare and contrast programs of interest. Find Your Program

Passport & Visa Requirements

Be sure to confirm your requirements ASAP! Every country has their own process, requirements, and fees for applying for a visa. View Passport & Visa Requirements

Apply Online Found your program?

Get your adventure started by submitting the online portion of your study abroad or internship application—for free! Apply Now Submit


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Preparing for Study Abroad

What is Study Work Abroad?

is an excellent opportunity for students to live abroad, experience new cultures and gain unique learning experiences in a different environment.

Why should I study abroad?

Study abroad is a great way to gain a new learning experience in a different culture and environment.

How long do study abroad programs take?

The duration depends on the program. Short term programs generally take two weeks and other programs can take up to one or two semestes.

Where can I go ?

You have the option to choose to study in one of our seven campuses (United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Austrila) and/or one of many international universities we have partnerships with. You can find a list of universities in partnership with Study Work Abroad  on our website

When can I start applying for study abroad programs ?

You can apply to study abroad at any of our international partner institutions after enrolling in a program with Study Work Abroad. Explore the available opportunities by visiting our website.

How do I apply?

What do I do? Once you have decided the porgam you wish to join first you will need to complete and submit the course approval form and apply for a visa if applicable according to the country you are applying to study.

How much does it cost to study abroad ?

What will it cost me to study abroad ? The cost of study depends on the program you are studying. The scholarship you recieve in Study Work Abroad may be applicable to the international campus abroad.

How do I get a student visa?

How do I apply for visa? / Do I need to apply for a student visa? Students who need a visa, must apply for a visa Which we assit all to and getting Visa with A granted insurance  Study Work Abraod Assit through visa process or visit the embassy.

Preparing for Study Abroad

Preparing for Study Abroad

Once you’ve been approved to study abroad, there will be so much more to think about. This section of the website is designed to help you prepare successfully for your study abroad experience.


The Office of International Programs requires participation in pre-departure orientations for all study abroad participants.  Orientation details are announced in program acceptance letters.


A visa is a special stamp that the consulate will issue in your passport, allowing you to enter the country for your study abroad program. Not every study abroad student needs to apply for a student visa. In fact, most summer study abroad programs (lasting fewer than 90 days) do not require a visa. If you are studying abroad on a Meredith Abroad faculty-led program, the Office of International Programs will notify you if obtaining a visa is necessary. Students applying for affiliate programs will work with their study abroad providers to obtain student visas, should they be required.

Passports & Visas

Apply or Renew your Passport.
Please note! Current passport processing timelines can take up to 4 months.
Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after your program return date.


Contact Your Representative

Studying abroad will likely be one of the most exciting adventures of your life!

Prior to departure, you will begin to wonder what you should pack, what health precautions you should take, and what it will be like living and studying in your host country. This handbook and the general study abroad orientations will help answer most of those questions. Read the handbook before orientation and share the link below with your parents, family, and support network if they are helping you prepare.

How can I find accommodation on or near campus??

It is normally the student’s responsibility to find and sort their accomodation. However, we would be more than greatful to share with our students our suggestions.

What about insurance, is it required?

is it required? Students are advised to insure themselves study abroad can assist in obtaining insurance.

Can I apply to two programs at once ?

Yes, though it depends on the timing of the programs.

How can I learn more about Study Work Abroad ?

Please contact our team in the Rectorate building or check the Study Abroad website & social media Follow us...