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Accelerate your career with our internships

Enhance your professional prospects by engaging in career exploration and developing your skill set. The training and resources provided by our programs are intended to equip you for a prosperous and meaningful career.

Define Yourself And Be Ready For Your Career

Team-Based Experiential Workshops

Collaborate with an international student body to develop practical strategies for addressing community challenges, global issues, and more.

Gain Experience Abroad by Doing an Internship

After graduation, distinguish yourself from other job candidates by completing an externship abroad. Whether completed virtually or in person, the Global Internship program from Study Work Abroad will enhance your resume.

Paid Internships Based on Projects

Together with a group of students, generate, prototype, and evaluate concepts in order to produce viable, sustainable, and practical solutions that meet the requirements of a business or organization. You may convert any of our virtual laboratories or internships abroad into project-based internships by indicating your interest in the program coordinator at the time of application.

Interested in hiring interns, but not sure how to find them?

Tools for Internships

Refine Your CV

Specify on your resume the distinctive abilities and skills that you intend to contribute as an intern. By following these steps, Study Work Abroad and potential employers will be able to locate a high-quality internship for you.

Be Prepared for an Interview

You can demonstrate to prospective employers that you possess the most sought-after qualities—including problem-solving, communication, initiative, self-assurance, and adaptability—with the proper interview!

Listen to the Veterans

Our alumni possess a wealth of insightful guidance and enthralling anecdotes to impart. Be inspired by them and gain knowledge from them!

What's the point of doing an internship?

Invest in Your Future

Develop the knowledge, abilities, and experiences that employers, colleges, and universities all appreciate. Set your resume apart from the competition, increase your employment and college prospects, secure admission to the institution of your dreams more quickly, and improve your odds of earning a higher starting salary after graduation.

Successfully Compete in Today's Global Market

Gain a competitive advantage in a world economy where businesses serve international clients, conduct global operations, and employ a diverse workforce comprised of individuals from numerous cultures.

Improve Your Career Prospects

Whether our Workplace and Culture Orientation takes place on-site or via our virtual workspace where you are guided through professional skill development, you will have access to an abundance of information that will empower you to plan your professional future.

Earn Class Credit or Degree Requirement

Maintain progress toward timely graduation by incorporating required coursework into your program or completing the internship requirements for your degree. You will continuously acquire marketable skills that will increase your employability. 

Enhance Your Own Character

Commencing a professional career with a comprehensive understanding of one's distinct passions, interests, character, and innate abilities can yield significant time and financial savings.

Master In-Demand Abilities

The skills that participants who interned with SWA claim to have acquired include problem-solving, communication, initiative, self-assurance, and adaptability. These are the qualities that employers highly value in prospective employees.

Let's get started

Conduct a search for the available program options and the classes they contain. Compare and select the option that you prefer. 

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