Study Work Abroad
Study Work Abroad

Go Overseas For College

Participate in courses in virtually any field of study, attend prestigious universities around the world, and immerse yourself in the language, way of life, and culture of another nation. 

The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Invest in Your Future

Develop the knowledge, abilities, and experiences that employers, colleges, and universities all appreciate. Set your resume apart from the competition, increase your employment and college prospects, secure admission to the institution of your dreams more quickly, and improve your odds of earning a higher starting salary after graduation.

Foster Self-Reliance and Autonomy

Experience a sense of empowerment as you venture into your new host country and neighboring cities and villages, knowledge that SWA resident directors are available to assist you with anything that may arise. Your enhanced self-assurance will be readily apparent to prospective employers and will facilitate more effective interviews.

Study a New Language

Develop your language skills or acquire a new one by relocating to and navigating a foreign country, or by engaging in lively discussions with other students in an integrated classroom. The resident directors of SWA provide additional assistance in the form of conversation practice and tutoring. Employment opportunities are enhanced for those who possess proficiency in multiple languages, as prospective employers place importance on such abilities and the capacity to interact effectively with people of diverse cultural and linguistic origins.

Make a Difference

Interact directly with the international community in order to alter your perspective on the world and establish fresh, global relationships that dismantle divisions and promote comprehension. Furthermore, practical knowledge will be imparted to you, including the significance of collaborative efforts and the genuine influence that cooperation and benevolence can exert on a nearby community. Forward-thinking employers, graduate institutions, and others will recognize and value these competencies and skills. 

Fare Finder™

When considering making travel arrangements for an academic purpose, you are presumably seeking for the most cost-effective option. To facilitate academic travel at a reduced cost and with greater accessibility, we are integrating the Fare Finder™ system directly into SWA process. This app grants users access to discounted airfare. We are making educational travel easier and more accessible than ever before with the assistance of Fare Finder.

"Absolutely THE MOST AMAZING THING I've EVER DONE! I will always remember my time spent in Florence, Italy as part of SWA's Study Abroad program. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly, and we never once felt out of place. SWA was extremely helpful from the time I first considered studying abroad, throughout my program, and even after I returned home. It was reassuring to have SWA as a resource if I had questions or concerns while studying abroad. I'm really glad I decided to study in Florence with SWA."


Included Features

Individualized Application Assistance

By ensuring that the correct forms are filled out, furnishing comprehensive information and instructions, and contributing to the overall success of your experience, our program managers will guide you through each stage of the procedure.

Directors of Residence

Our resident directors in the country are present at all times to ensure your safety, organize excursions that are culturally pertinent, and provide assistance for any concerns that may arise, around the clock.

Regarding Health and Safety

Gain a competitive advantage in a world economy where businesses serve international clients, conduct global operations, and employ a diverse workforce comprised of individuals from numerous cultures.

Courses that are useful and accredited

This journey is about more than mere travel. This is purposeful travel. In order for you to remain on track to accomplish your objectives, our staff can assist you in choosing courses and programs that augment your degree and professional ambitions.

Secure, convenient, and highly rated housing

While the specific program and location dictate the housing arrangement, our utmost effort is to guarantee that you are housed in secure, desirable regions that are conveniently connected to your host institution.

Cultural Enrichments & Trips

Embark on a transformative journey into the host country's culture and experiences by participating in enlightening cultural activities and thrilling excursions guided by SWA resident directors and local experts—all at no extra charge!

Combine international study with university-level online education for optimum impact.

SWA's virtual programs enable users to experience the globe from any location. You will acquire the liberty to attend a course during the morning and embark on an outing during the afternoon. Address global challenges, gain an advantage in the job market by studying a new language with native speakers, and accomplish more! Investigate our online programs and adapt them to suit your timetable.

Combined study abroad and work, service, or volunteer experience

SWA provides the opportunity for students to engage in an internship during their semester, academic year, or summer study abroad program. Academic credit is generally attainable by students; however, there are a few opportunities that do not require credit. A limited number of internship opportunities are available for an additional fee; however, the majority are incorporated into the program fee.

Let's get started

Conduct a search for the available program options and the classes they contain. Compare and select the option that you prefer. 

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